Girl’s Night Out

With six days left until I am a “geographical single” mother of five for a year, I took the opportunity to have one last Girl’s Night out with a group of friends.  We went to a yummy restaurant and saw a HILARIOUS movie called, “Moms’ Night Out.”  I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my face and we all talked and talked for the entire five hours that we were together!  Coming home and returning to my precious family with five sleeping babies and one very tired husband, I realized how very blessed I really am!  These ladies, these friends, these sisters in Christ are the ones who are going to be my support network during the next year of my life.

Years ago, before my husband’s first deployment to Iraq, we had just moved to a new military base.  We were thousands of miles away from family and the only home that I had ever known.  Today, life is so different!  I am in a place that I call home.  I am where I belong.  I am where people know my name and know my family.  Before my husband’s first deployment I had weeks to “find” friends before he deployed.  I had weeks to find at least one person whose phone number I could have in case of an emergency.  Weeks is not a very long time and I was fortunate enough that I did meet and become friends with another Army wife who would eventually become one of the best friends that I have ever had.  This time around I don’t have to worry about “finding friends.”  I already have friends here.  Not just friends, but real friends, true sisters in Christ.  I have people who I can call in the middle of the night when I have an emergency.  I have a support network and for that I am so grateful!  

So, as we prepare for this most difficult time of separation for our family, I am not afraid.  My God will be by my side and so will my sisters, my blessed sisters in Christ!    


3 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

  1. One of my closest friend’s husband is a chaplain in the military and now serving in Japan. They have raised 5 children living mostly a military life. Three of her kids are adults now and have started to follow after their dad. If it weren’t for Christ, they would have had a very difficult time. Because God is their anchor in every situation, they can travel across the oceans of life and not worry for they know that He is their lighthouse of hope and strength. Thanks for reminding us all to pray for those that are deployed and those who are at home waiting to be reunited again.

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