He left

Today was the day my solider had to leave to get ready for his upcoming deployment.  There were tears, far too many from me, but we all know I “feel” things more than other people.  I tried to keep busy, tried to make the day worth while and I made it to nap time.  That is when the real tears came.  I called my husband, only a few hours from home and he gave me the pep talk I needed!  I can do this!  God is with me!  We are still a family, even if we are miles apart!  We can get through this and we will!  Put my head down.  Take it one day at a time.  His voice was so perfect to hear.  He always calms me down!  It’s only been one day.  I can’t picture how it will be seven weeks from now when we get to see him again for block leave, but I know it will be the best day of the entire summer!  I already can’t wait to see him again!




8 thoughts on “He left

  1. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have your husband away and with little ones. Hope you find some support in the blog world! And that seven weeks pass quickly and he’s home soon. Happy I found your blog.

  2. You can do it Mama! He will be back before you know it, praising you on all you’ve done while he was away for deployment. I send hope for his safety and hope for your sanity while he is away!

  3. Deployments, the most disliked words for the wives and kids. My husband deployed twice during his 4 year enlistment. There were good and bad days, but I’m glad you started blogging….It’s easier when you have people that understand you. Stay strong, keep busy and time will slowly but sure pass by.

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