The first storm of the season

“If something is going to go wrong, it WILL go wrong.” This saying is very popular among military spouses. It describes the high probability of things going wrong while your soldier is away. I am no stranger to this weird phenomenon coming true. During my husband’s first deployment, I was in my first car accident, our neighbor’s son accidentally set our four-plex military housing unit on fire, and because of that we all had to move. Did I mention that I was days away from delivering our second child at the time? It’s just one of those things. If things can go wrong, they probably will.

My husband has only been gone a mere 27 days and here are the things that have already “gone wrong.”

1. Our rental property agency in Tennessee called, the house there needs a new deck.
2. Little Man hosed my cell phone, it had a “life proof” box on it, but let’s just say those things may be life proof, but they are NOT Little Man proof. New cell phone needed.
3. Our rental property here in town called, the AC went out.
4. One ER trip with Baby Girl
5. One sick 6 year old with fever
6. One 12 year old with an ear infection
7. One broken lamp
8. One pool with an algae problem

I am exhausted! I am tired of mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, checking the finances, and being the only adult around here! But, you know what? I am so very very blessed! Even in the midst of this God is so good! He is so good to me! Here is why…

1. My husband will be home for block leave in less than a month.
2. Our oldest daughter made the junior high basketball team.
3. We have insurance to pay for those unexpected things that break on our houses.
4. A builder in Tennessee said he can fix our old deck instead of building a new!
5. We have health insurance to pay for the antibiotics needed to cure our daughter’s ear infection.
6. The doctor at the ER took great care of Baby Girl and we have a nebulizer now to take care of Baby Girl’s breathing at home, so we hopefully will not need to visit the ER again anytime soon.
7. My phone was replaced for cheap due to qualifying for an upgrade!
8. I have a little boy who wants to show me everything saying, “Ma, wach!”
9. I have a little girl who runs, arms raised for me to pick her up and cuddle her!
10. I have friends to call when I need help!
11. All five of my perfect blessings are now healthy and well thanks to a God who hears our prayers and heals!
12. My husband is safe, happy, and well trained for his mission.
13. We are all well fed, well clothed, and living in a beautiful house.

Things may go wrong this year. We may have some more “bad luck,” but God is always good! He is in this with me! He will never leave me or forsake me. He has forgiven my every sin and has made me beautiful in His sight. He wants good for me. He has plans for our family that are wonderful and all I need to do is keep seeking Him, serving Him, and loving Him with all my heart!


4 thoughts on “The first storm of the season

  1. Your post is such a good reminder of all the little blessing we take for granted when trials and obstacles come. May God continue to bless you and your family as the inevitable trials pass.

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