Food Issues

We have food issues at our house! From day one Little Man has been obsessed with food. He literally would eat anything you set in front of him or put on a spoon and fed him. I am talking, everything! Things most kids don’t eat, he would eat. And Baby Girl, she would eat until she threw up. At six and a half months she would down her bottle in a minute or two. As the days turned into weeks things changed slightly. Little Man became a bit more picky. He would not eat bananas anymore, where he used to try and eat two or three a day. He didn’t want water in his cup, he wanted milk! Oh man, does he love his milk! Baby Girl would still eat until she’d throw up if I let her, so I began to feed her much smaller amounts, but more often during the day.

Fast forward to now. Tomorrow marks the babies being with us for seven months. Seven months of food whenever they want it. Seven months with delicious, yummy meals three times a day! Seven months of a diaper bag packed with snacks no matter where we go. Seven months of running through a drive thru if we’re running late and I know the kids are hungry. Seven months and we STILL have food issues! Little Man spends much of his day in the kitchen! He goes to the cupboard to get food out over and over and over again right after finishing a meal. He insists on having a cup filled with milk or juice and drinks constantly! He gets into the snacks and candy jar so much that we’ve had to put them on higher shelves. He sees you eating, he wants a bite and it is the same with Baby Girl. I cannot eat without sharing with the two of them. Anything I have, they want. They compete to get more bites of my food, whining and crying if they think the other has gotten more. They both hardly chew and cause me to panic whenever they start shoving food into their mouthes. I once scooped THREE chicken nuggets out of Baby Girl’s mouth. She had shoveled them in there so fast trying to get more than her brother. And all of this is exhausting! I feel bad even saying that because I suspect why they do this. I know they have probably never had this much food to chose from in their little lives. I know that when they were taken into protective custody that one of the reasons was because they did not have their basic needs being met, one being food. So, we struggle. I try and repeat over and over to them that they will always have enough! I try to show them that there is plenty for everyone in the cupboards and that we don’t have to eat it all now! I try to never say that they “can’t” have the food they bring me right after a meal, but that they “can” have it “later!” I don’t know how long it will take until they realize that they are not going to go hungry here. All I know to do is to keep loving them, keep feeding them, and hope that one day they will allow themselves to trust us.


4 thoughts on “Food Issues

  1. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Keep researching ideas & techniques around therapeutic parenting. Patience is hard but these children will probably continue to have issues around food for a long while (if not their whole lives). Words don’t really cut it unfortunately, but love and time and willingness and safety will show them what you mean. Good luck!

  2. Tough times. My heart goes out to you. Hope and I had some food issues when she first arrived, but with her being older, that has shaken out fine now. I had a lot of moments when I couldn’t eat in peace, so sometimes I ended up eating after she’d gone to bed (gaining a few extra lbs in the process of just trying to eat in peace!). Hang in there!

  3. *hug* I feel for you. Food issues are hard to deal with, and even harder with such young children. “Blake” has food issues, and he was removed from his bio family before the age of 2, and is now 8, and even now, he prefers to eat at a separate table so no-one can steal his food. If we take him out to McDonalds he holds his food below the table. We make sure that he knows when meal times and snack times are, and we still get requests for more food between times.
    Good luck. It will take a long time, because for these little sugars, it’s how their little brains are wired, for now. Thinking of you and yours at meal time.

    • Oh! Thank you so much for the encouraging words! It is good to hear that it is how their brains are wired “for now.” I am hoping one day it will get easier for them!

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