Seven Months, Seven Favorites

Today marks seven months since the babies came to live with us. I remember seven months and one day ago, thinking that the day would never come when we would get our first foster children to love. Now, it seems like an eternity ago!

My list of seven favorites from the last seven months:

1. Throwing Little Man his 2nd birthday party just weeks after he came to live with us! His football cake and giving him his new Lightning McQueen ride-on toy were highlights of that day, but his face when we all sang to him is my favorite memory of that day!
2. Baby Girl’s first Christmas! Dressing her up in her beautiful new Christmas dress that my mother-in-law bought for her, taking her to the Christmas Eve service at church and taking tons of pictures are favorite memories of that time! My favorite picture is one of her touching the Christmas tree decorations with her teeny tiny little pointer finger. The photo captures the moment just right! Our tiny princess experiencing the magic of her very first Christmas!
3. Disney World! The babies getting to meet our extended family when we traveled to Florida was amazing! Our family loved them immediately and we had ten whole days of fun, fun, fun! The time was extra special for all five of our kids as they got uninterrupted time with both my husband and me and we really bonded together as a family!
4. Baby Girl’s first steps!
5. Little Man’s first two word phrases, “More, peez!” and “Ma, wa!” (More, please and Ma, watch!)
6. The first time Little Man and Baby Girl saw my husband on the computer screen after he had left to get ready for his deployment. It was amazing to see them react to seeing him! They were so happy and loved talking to “Da!”
7. Watching the sibling relationships grow between all five of our kiddos. Each relationship is so different and so precious in its own special way. As a mother, it is so amazing to watch!

We look forward to many more memories in the future!


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