Car Trouble

Just one more thing, it is always just one more thing.  But, today that “one more thing” renewed my love for my neighbors!  We seriously live in the most amazing little neighborhood on the planet!  I love my neighbors!  I have loved them since the day that we moved in and they brought over a dolly to help us unload our moving truck and invited us to church.  They are always kind, always friendly, and today they were ready to help!

My truck started leaking oil two days ago and the puddle beneath my truck when I drove away from home yesterday was quite large.  Being an Army wife with my solider away is hard, but having car troubles on top of that is scary!  I have five kids at home and that is our only mode of transportation.  I have already had one emergency trip to the ER this month, I NEED my truck to work.  I also know, from experience that cars need oil, they just do and driving them without enough oil or with a large oil leak can be really dangerous.  So, I drove my truck up to the local auto parts store and begged the young man behind the cash register to please help me fill my truck with oil.  I told him my soldier was away and that sealed the deal.  “I respect the military very much ma’am and I have two brothers in the service.  I wouldn’t do this for just anybody, but of course I will help you fill your oil.”  He was awesome!  He also told me that I had better get my leak checked out; however, so I called and made an appointment for Monday to have the Chevy dealership check out my truck.

When I talked to my husband about it on the phone, he said that he’d like me to show him where the leak was under the truck.  So, on FaceTime on our phones I crawled under the truck and tried to show him where the leak was coming from.  Um, miracle!  He was able to see by looking at the video from my phone to his that the leak was coming from the oil filter.  He said I could probably tighten that up and that there would be no more need to visit the dealership and pay $100 just for walking through the door.  So, what did I do?  I called for help and three awesome neighbors showed up with tools, knowledge, and moral support and fixed up my oil leak in about five minutes.  Not only that, but one neighbor helped me clean the oil spill in my driveway, so that my kiddos won’t get all messy when they are outside playing and riding bikes!  Blackberry smoothies (I do know how to do some things! LOL!) were treated to the volunteer super heroes of the day and now my truck is ready to go again!

Some people just really know how to show love.  Each and every neighbor of mine had their own things going on today.  They had their own families to tend to and their own chores to do, but they stopped everything that they were doing to help me, an Army wife in need!  I will always love them for that!


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