Poop happens!

It’s how I roll. When I know ahead of time that we will be having a visit from a new social worker, I clean like a mad person! I scrub and scrub things that rarely get scrubbed! Toilets have to shine, because please everyone knows that a “good” mama keeps sparkling toilets, right?!? So, today I was in a frenzy. The moment Little Man went down for his nap, I started! Gloves on, cleaners out! Baby Girl slept in my oldest daughter’s arms as I ran around dusting, folding, fluffing, organizing, and wiping. Three hours later, I was feeling pretty good about myself and then it happened! He woke up and was calling for me from his room. I ran to my Little Man’s door and opened it up to horror! He held up his perfect little hands and said, “Ma, yuuk.” (Translation: “mom, look!”)

POOP! That is what he was showing me! It has only happened one other time in 7 1/2 months, but today during his nap, Little Man decided to put his hands into his diaper and pull out some poop! “Oh, my gosh! Get in here!” I pulled him into my brilliantly clean hall bathroom and helped him into the tub! “Don’t touch anything! Put your hands up! Let me turn on the water!” Oh my goodness, the smell! So, my newly cleaned tub was smeared with poop, as he sat down ready for his bath. He was happy, but I was not. I had not expected this! This was not in my plans! Poop! I hate poop!

I washed him up, TWICE! Then, out of the tub for lotion and clean clothes! Ok, no big deal, at least he is taken care of and now for the laundry. I strip his bed and start the first load. By tonight, all will be well again and the smell will be gone!

Lesson learned! (I learn this one over and over!) I cannot control anything! Stuff is going to happen and I just have to roll with it!


2 thoughts on “Poop happens!

  1. I’m sorry, I’m killing myself laughing. You poor thing, you must have been going crazy.
    All will be fine I’m sure. I believe good social workers understand kids do kid things, and always at the most inconvenient time. It’s a special power they have.

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