He’s leaving again…

He’s leaving again… in only a few more days. This is torture! Tonight, I actually said the words, “tell me stuff,” to him. “What about?” he asked. “Anything… what you think about anything!” I replied. Then, I just sat there and watched him. I want to know every thought that is in his head right now! I want to remember all of this! I have to hold on to all of this!

Deployments are horribly difficult for military families. I am not special, I am not unique. These feeling has been felt by millions of women before me and they will be felt by millions after me. Anxiousness, fear, uneasiness about the unknown! I can do nothing to stop it, I have to let him go! All I can do is just pray!

Pray, pray, pray!


5 thoughts on “He’s leaving again…

  1. You know, even though millions of other women have felt this way before, it doesn’t make it any easier for YOU! It is tough, there’s no doubt about it. Praying for you during this tough time.

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