9 months

This Wednesday it will be 9 months since “our” precious babies arrived. I still cannot believe that we still have them! So many times we have been told so many different things by DHR and by the bio family and yet not one of those things has come true. I sit and I wonder and I ask God, “what is YOUR plan?” I do not know, but these nine things I do know…

1. My heart can love 5 children! My heart just grew and grew and now holds them all!
2. Little ones are precious no matter how they enter this world! Whether they enter into a healthy loving family or one plagued by addictions and turmoil, the children are precious and loved equally by God just the same!
3. Don’t ever lose hope! When you think that the dreams you have are about to be crushed, don’t give up! Hope!
4. A little one you just met calling you mama, will break your heart and warm it at the same time!
5. Friends can be family when family can’t be there.
6. True friends are there to help even when you don’t think you need it or when you haven’t even asked. True friends just know!
7. Life is precious! Enjoy the moment!
8. Foster care is H.A.R.D.
9. The children in foster care are worth it! They are worth every stress, every tear, every emotional pain! They are worth it all!!!


3 thoughts on “9 months

  1. We just received our first foster kiddo one week ago and my heart grew 4 times with this little one! Read my post I just made 🙂

  2. You summed it up right there. What precious nine months with these little ones you have been given. Cling to God and I pray He will have a beautiful future for these sweet kiddos and your beautiful family! Keep up the good work — HIS WORK.

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