A good social worker can change the world!

A good social worker can change the world (for a foster child)!

We’ve recently found out that not all social workers are created equal. Some are very organized, on time, and good communicators and some are not. Some take informative meticulous notes at visits and some do not. Some come out to the house each month to check on the kids and some do not.

We are so very very blessed that our foster children’s current case worker is amazing! She is professional, organized, on time, educated, and is really in this to protect and save the lives of children. Her job is incredibly hard and she gets little recognition or praise. She rarely hears thank you and often has to deal with very disgruntled people who think it is her job to do what they want.

For this reason, I end every email and every phone call with her with, “thank you for all that you do!” If she never hears it from anyone else, she will hear it from me. This person is fighting for truth and justice for “my” babies! This person could change their world!


3 thoughts on “A good social worker can change the world!

  1. It’s so good to hear about the good social workers out there, and there are so many of them, but the poor ones are the ones who get all the recognition for all the wrong reasons.
    For us, our support worker is AMAZING. The support that she provides us is awesome, she’s organised and if she’s running late for a meeting she always calls to let us know.
    Thank you to the amazing people who help us help the children.

  2. How true this is! We’ve had two social workers thus far — one was awful (never called us back, never followed up on concerns, etc.) and the other was great (she was always stopping by, answering our calls and being sure to follow up). It was so nice to have the second one as a resource for any concerns we had. They can make such a difference!!

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