I’m a wimp and I’m okay with it.

4 days without talking to my soldier and I’m about to fall apart. Not literally, but I’m pretty close. I’ve got a great support network. I have family. I have friends. The only thing is, all I want is him! I just want to hear his voice. It’s time! I “need” to talk to him!

I feel short tempered, I have no attention span, and I cannot go two minutes without making sure my phone is still working. I feel a bit crazy. I don’t need to tell him any one particular thing. I don’t have a problem that I need him to fix. I don’t need advice. I just need him.

He asked me to be patient. He’d figure out a way to call more often. He’s really busy and has to walk to a tent to call me. I know I sound stupid. I feel whiny and wimpy, but ya know what? I’m okay with it. Call me codependent, call me a whatever you want. At this point, after 3 1/2 months of not living with the guy, I don’t care how “strong” I seem. I’m a wimp, I’m a wuss, whatever! Just have him call me!


4 thoughts on “I’m a wimp and I’m okay with it.

  1. Praying for you. I’ve got many, many friends describing the same scenario and I know how tough it can be when all you want is a moment with someone’s voice. Hoping that happens for you ASAP. Hang in there. And thank you for your family’s sacrifice in loaning your hubby to the service of the country. We don’t thank the families for your service nearly enough. xoxo

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