10 Months

Ten months with the babies has me reminiscing and looking back through my prayer journal at what I have prayed about since we started this crazy foster care journey in June 2013.

June 3, 2013- “Lord Jesus, the desire of my heart is to be a mommy to another child through adoption. However that comes to be, will you please give me peace and show the way…”

June 17, 2013
“Lord, thank you for letting the 1st meeting with our social worker go so well! I was so nervous God and you granted me peace!”

July 13, 2013
“What is ahead for me, oh Lord? What do you have in the future? Lord Jesus, I want to put You above all else. I want to be the woman who is steadfast in You!”

October 15, 2013
“It has been over a year since we started on this journey towards adoption. Lord, if it is Your will, please let us get “the call.”

November 13, 2013
“We got the call! Thank you for Little Man and Baby Girl!”

December 4, 2013
“Dear Lord, please continue to give me the strength needed to be a mommy to all five of my precious children! What a huge blessing they are to me!”

March 19, 2014
“Lord, my prayers are of Thanksgiving! Thank you for blessing our family so wonderfully and completely!”

April 6, 2014
“Lord, my heart is so nervous and scared and I run to You! Please guard my husband while he is away from us. Please, Lord keep him safe and strong! Please, protect him, love him, encourage him! Please, allow me to be an encouragement to him. And, please bring him back to us!”

April 7, 2014
“My heart hurts today Lord, please help me!”

Life has been a bit busier since Army Daddy left for Afghanistan and journalling my prayers has not been as regular, but I still pray. With every breath I pray!


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