A knee to the stomach

I guess when you are raising five kids and your husband is overseas, you should expect a bit of drama. I had no idea yesterday as I dropped our oldest girl off at her soccer game that it would end up the way it did.

I dropped our soccer star off thirty minutes early for the game and headed to pick up dinner for the other four kiddos. We drove home, ate, I changed the baby’s diaper and we were headed back to the truck to go get sister when my cell phone rang. “Your girl is hurt, you need to get down here now,” said the voice on the phone. “Sister is hurt,” I yelled, “everyone in the truck!” The kids did great! No shoes, no questions, we all ran outside to go get her! We arrived minutes later at the field less than a mile from our house. Now, there is something you need to know. Big sis does NOT cry! She is rough, she is tough, she is an athlete! So, when I drive up and see her flat on her back, not moving, and crying, my heart drops into my stomach! My baby girl! I jump out of the truck, run across the field and hear, “it is bad, she needs to go to the ER now!” Okay! Let’s go! Two men carry her to the truck, she still cannot move. I dial my phone, calling neighbors and friends. “I am on my way with the littles, our big girl is hurt,” I tell them. I arrive home, people are already there. I drop the little kids off, blow kisses and speed away.

I drive as smoothly as I can, but with every turn, she cries out in pain. It is breaking my heart! We arrive at the ER. We need help getting her from the truck to a wheelchair. EMTs meet us at the door and carry her in. I park the truck. When I get inside, they are already checking her out and I fill out the paperwork. Pain killers are ordered and given to her and a CT scan will happen next. We’re all worried about internal bleeding.

She was playing such a great game and had already scored 3 goals for her team when she and a young man on the opposing team both jumped into the air for the ball and his knee went into her stomach. She fell flat on her back, wind knocked out of her, and unable to breath. Once air filled her lungs again, she felt as though she may vomit and sat back, light headed. She laid down, the world was spinning and then she just couldn’t move.

We take her for the CT scan and then we wait. Three pastors from our church are there with us and several friends. Thank The Lord for our beautiful church family! We are all praying for my girl! The doc comes in and kind of smiles. I think good news is coming, but instead I hear, “The CT scan showed contusions on her pancreas and liver. We cannot treat her here. We are transferring her to the Children’s Hospital. The ambulance will take you now.”

To be continued…


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