11 months

In just 3 short days, it will be the 11 month anniversary of the day the babies came to live with us. This blows my mind! 11 months?!? Really, has it been that long?!? I am sort of in shock. Partly, because there has been little to no “movement” in their case and partly because on some days I totally forget that we do foster care. I seriously, am just a mom to 5 children. That is it. They all feel like “mine.” I know in my head that they aren’t, but my head and my heart rarely get along.

So, to commemorate this joyous anniversary, I will give you the top 11 most absurd things I have said to my children over the last 11 months!

1. “We do not throw Bibles at each other!”

2. “Stop putting sand in your ear.”

3. “Get her foot out of your mouth!”

4. “Don’t touch your poop!”

5. “What is in your mouth?” (Put my finger in and scoop out SEVEN acorns!)

6. “Please, don’t lick the car!”

7. “No, you don’t need to take your sword to bed.”

8. “If you put your finger in her mouth again, she’s going to bite it, AGAIN!”

9. “If you let him hit you with a baseball bat at home, he’s going to think that it is okay and try hitting a friend with one at PRESCHOOL!”

10. “Stop eating the dog’s food!”

11. To the checkout guy at the grocery store when he asked me if I knew who won the football game… “Um, no! I have five kids the youngest two being 2 1/2 and 17 months and my husband is deployed, I have NO time to watch t.v!” (He gives me a blank stare! Did I say too much?).


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