12 months ago

12 months ago I thought it would never happen. 12 months ago I was forcing myself to “keep busy” in the waiting. 12 months ago I got enough sleep every night and sometimes awoke in the mornings totally refreshed before my alarm clock even buzzed. 12 months ago I was sometimes “bored” and had to come up with things to do to keep busy. I organized my cabinets and used my label maker a lot. I sewed beautiful dresses for my then youngest girl and I substitute taught at our church’s preschool. 12 months ago my husband and I watched a movie together nearly every night before bed. 12 months ago was a LONG time ago!

Then, 12 months ago two little people entered my life on a cold Wednesday night, scared, tired, and hungry. My life has never again been the same!

Today, I have 5 kids! Today, I never get enough sleep. Today, I drive my children to three different schools, change two diapers every two hours, brush two extra sets of teeth, take 5 little ones to doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, soccer games, dance lessons, music lessons, basketball practice, and so much more! My life is full!

I was completely in love with my family 12 months ago and today I am even more in love with them! I may have bags under my eyes! I may have put on 10 extra pounds, and wear yoga pants more than anything else, but I’m happy!

I’m so glad God gave us “our precious two” 12 months ago!


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