“I wish I could do more…”

“I wish I could do more…” These words mean so much to me, yet also so little. Our children’s social worker is such an amazing person and so dedicated to her job of protecting and advocating for young lives while also trying to keep biological families together. I cannot say enough about this worker. She has proven time and time again that she is not in this line of work for the money, the benefits, or the accolades (as there are none). She is in this for the kids! But, when she says to me, “I wish I could do more,” I know it is because there IS more that she can do, but that her superiors won’t let her do it.

“Frustration” with Foster Care is an understatement for me these days. It is not the individuals involved that I am frustrated with, but with Foster Care as a whole. I thought the whole point of Foster Care was to remove innocent children from dangerous, abusive, and neglectful situations to allow family members time to change the current situation to make it one where a child will once again be safe and well cared for. I thought the whole point was CHANGE!

Over the past 12 months, I have not seen one single bit of change in our children’s case. In the beginning I would ask constantly, “did they call,” “did they do that yet,” “did they send that in?” Always, the answer was, “no.” So, I got tired of asking. Eight months to turn in one price of paper to a worker seems a little excessive to me. I know when I am told to do something by our social worker, if at all possible, I drop everything and work on that very thing until it is done. If the babies need something, they get it! If the worker needs documentation of something it’s done and emailed the same day! I answer my phone when they call. I return messages within hours. I clear my schedule for visits, appointments, and court appearances. I don’t ask our worker for a single thing! From day one, we have viewed these babies as 100% part of our family and I wouldn’t ask a worker to drive my oldest somewhere if she had to go. I wouldn’t ask for money for my oldest to get new clothes or play a sport, so why would I ask a worker to do that for my youngest two? It is just beyond me how anyone could go months and months and months with no contact, no care, no concern abut these babies and then in the 11th hour decide that they are “ready” now! Wow! That is all I can say. Wow!

So, yea I wish our social worker could do more too!


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