A soldier’s last trip home.

There is something about a tragedy that brings people together. I haven’t talked to so many Army friends in one day in a long time. We all reconnected again today talking about our fellow soldier and his family. We talked about memories and times together and made sure we all knew how much each of us meant to each other. Many of us have husbands and sons currently still over there in Afghanistan and we all shared our fears and our hopes that nobody else will have to die before this whole deployment is over! Our friend made the ultimate sacrifice and he will never be forgotten!

My friend’s brave soldier will be making his last trip home very soon and some of our friends currently serving in Afghanistan will be with him for different parts of that journey. He will be honored and remembered. They will carry him out of a country so filled with hate and war. It warms my heart that he will NOT be alone for this last ride home.


2 thoughts on “A soldier’s last trip home.

  1. I’m sorry to read that someone close was lost. Living in the DC area with so many service families, I see the strain on the family and I have felt that loss. I dated someone who worked at Dover years ago; he taught me so much about the final journey home for our fallen. Praying for you and all feeling this loss.

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