So, we had our very first therapy session or rather therapy evaluation on Monday for Little Man. He has been in our care for the past 13 months and although things around our house have gone from roaring tornado to more of a light hail storm, there is still so much more we can do to help this precious little boy.

I guess the ultimate decision to start seeking professional psychological help for Little Man came after he graduated from speech therapy. He had been receiving services at the house since January and as of November no longer qualified because he had officially reached “normal” as far as communication and speech is concerned. Praising God for that, since a huge problem in the beginning was his inability to communicate his needs to us. Communication is no longer the problem. Little Man can communicate very well. It is the way he communicates which is extremely stressful for the household. Screaming, tantrums and consistent aggressive behavior is still the norm at our house.

So, to therapy we go and Monday was a great day. We met the therapist who will evaluate Little Man and see how she can best help him with play therapy. We are so excited to start this new journey with Little Man. It’s just one more step in his healing. We can’t wait to help him to be able to become a content, happy healthy little boy!


3 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. We have been doing therapy for our Fister girls a few weeks . It is play tgerapy. I am curious to see how it goes for you. My frustration is that our yongest only has her animalistic tantrums at home with me but never in front of other people. Her defense mechanism is to smile and be silly when she is uncomfortable. So how can the therapist help her through these tantrums if she never sees the tantrums?? (Talking and thinking out loud) is your situation similar?

    • Fortunately, (it feels weird to say that, but its true) our little guy totally acted out at our first appointment, so the therapist could already see what she needs to help us work on! Best of luck to you and i will keep everyone posted on how things go for us. 🙂

    • we’re starting counseling soon as well for our FD (it was so ridiculously difficult to set up services and i can’t believe it took us nearly three months for someone to finally listen to, and work with, us!). she does act differently around us than with others, so i’m interested to see how everything plays out. best wishes to you and your families!

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