I love therapy!

Little Man, Baby Girl, and I packed up the diaper bag on Tuesday morning and headed to our second therapy appointment for Little Man. We met with a different psychologist this time. The appointment lasted one hour and we walked out with two more appointments scheduled.

I love therapy! I walk out of that building feeling like a million bucks. Not only is this person sitting there totally trained and educated about child development and child psychology, but for that hour they are totally concerned only with my Little Man and me. Little Man doesn’t talk much to them. We are doing what they call “play therapy.” The psychologist talks a lot with me; however, and watches every move Little Man makes while he plays. Children communicate through behaviors. Little Man may not be able to tell the therapist how he feels about something verbally, but his behavior sure tells the therapist a lot.

At the end of our session the therapist said, “God bless you! You’re doing great with him!” It was all I needed to hear, that one sentence from a precessional! I’m doing okay! I’m not totally screwing up! That validation was all I needed to keep going, keeping loving, keep caring for, and keep giving my all to Little Man even when it gets really hard.

So, tonight when my Little Man was frustrated and bit me in the stomach. I didn’t feel like a failure. I didn’t think to myself, “I’m doing this all wrong,” or “If I was a better mother he wouldn’t act this way.” Tonight, I calmly gave my Little Man a “time-in,” knowing that every day is a therapy day in our house. Every day we are making connections. Every day we are working towards healing!


3 thoughts on “I love therapy!

  1. I miss my therapist. Haven’t seen her in awhile now. I totally agree I love therapy. They do have a way of making a parent feel like they are not the worst parent in the world.

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