Family pictures

I’m taking the kids (ALL of them) to get professional photos taken today. Many foster parents don’t do this and even the photographer (who knows our situation) asked me, “So, are all five of the kids going to be in the picture?” “Yes, ALL of them,” I replied via text message. This is a family photo and they are ALL part of this family! I know what people are thinking. In ten years with that framed photo up on the wall, it might be hard if that image is only a distant memory. If Little Man and Baby Girl do eventually end up leaving and living with one of their biological relatives, that picture might bring up memories every single time that I look at it. It might be a symbol of the family that we once had and loved and wanted for forever. But, ya know what? I want to remember this moment. I want to remember what our family looks like right now, today! Because, no matter what happens, THIS is the family I want to remember. This is the family that brings me such joy! This, right now, in this moment, is our family!


5 thoughts on “Family pictures

  1. I take tons of pics of all my kids and always give single or sib shots to parents during placements. I want to remember my family as it was for that trip/day/holiday whatever and then I break it out for respective biological parents so they are not left out of the big events.

  2. I think it’s so important for you and ALL of your children to feel part of the same family and that means everyone gets to be in the family photo. We had 3 girls from separate families at the same time so they got individual photos to keep and we took group photos for us.
    There may be times when looking at those photos will be hard, but they are a part of your home and heart but it’s those precious memories that you will remember when you look at your gorgeous little family

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