Today a family was born!

I could not hold them in, the tears just fell as I watched one of my best friends and her husband stand before the judge and 40 of their friends with their new daughters. They pledged to love their daughters and provide for them, in the judges words, “as if they were their natural parents.” The youngest, holding onto her mama and looking up every couple of seconds as if she couldn’t believe it herself. It was beautiful! At the end, the judge ended with, “it is finished!” Both girls started jumping up and down with excitement!

Eight months ago these two precious girls were orphans. They had no parents and they hadn’t had parents for years! They had been living in a very nice children’s home for the last four years. They were loved and well cared for by their “house parents,” but desperately wanted to be adopted. Their social worker told my friend that when large churches would come to visit and throw celebrations at the children’s home that the girls would ask strangers if they wanted to adopt them. I cannot even begin to tell you how HAPPY I am for this family!!! It was the most beautiful picture of God’s redemptive unconditional love taking place today!

Today, I witnessed a family being born!


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