Unanswered prayers

Two years ago around this time of year our family was on a very different journey. We were attempting to navigate the muddy waters of international adoption. We had scaled back financially, spending NO money putting it all towards our hopeful adoption. We worked constantly, filled out endless amounts of documents, cried anxiously, and prayed daily. I was so nervous it just wasn’t going to happen because around every curve seemed to be another door slamming shut in our faces. In April/May 2013 we realized that our dream of adopting from the African nation we had signed on for just wasn’t going to happen. The country was near closing to international adoption and I cried for days, thinking our adoption dream was over! It wasn’t until my husband said calmly to me one night, “well, what about foster care?” We had talked about it multiple times over the years, but we had always come to the conclusion that it might not be right for us. Turns out, it was! And you know what? At the exact time that I was begging God not to let the African country close to international adoption, my foster daughter was being born. Little did I know that as I pleaded with God to allow me to be mommy to a child from another country that He was preparing me to be mommy to a child being born right here in my own. So, as I look back at my life these past two years, I am PRAISING God for that unanswered prayer! Because if he had answered that one the way that I wanted, I would never have met Little Man and Baby Girl and I would never have gotten to experience the great joy of being their mommy!

Today, I’m thanking God for unanswered prayers!!!


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