Another visit tomorrow

No visits were requested or kept for over ten months… We had a court date where not one single family member showed up and now all of a sudden someone wants him back. It breaks me to the core to have raised this little guy for 15 months and then to lose him in the end to a person who showed little to no interest until… Well, until he was told, “it’s your last chance.” DHR gives birth families about a million chances and I guess that’s the point. To change these families and preserve them at all costs. But, after all we’ve been through together, it still breaks me to the core thinking of losing our Little Man.


7 thoughts on “Another visit tomorrow

  1. I am right there with you. I do not understand the amount of chances given to these families when they prove time and time again that they do not have the desire to change for the sake of their kids. I am praying for protection (hearts and bodies) for all of you!

  2. I cannot say it enough: the system is so broken! Biology cannot erase years of neglect. Sharing the same genes should not mean that a child should be forced into the arms of a virtual stranger! GAH! It makes me so angry! I am praying for you!!!

  3. What is so beautiful about your post is that while your heart is breaking, you can still value change in the biological family. Family transformation is a painful process and sometimes it takes the pressure of the 11th hour to force change. But it sucks for you, and is unfair to kiddos. But then, life hasn’t been fair for any foster kiddo.

    • That is so true! He didn’t ask for this! The ONLY one who entered into this on purpose was me. I knew the risk of getting my heart broken! I love my Little Man and pray for a bright future for him every night!

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