Book Review of, “My Sister Abby,” by Allison Barberi


Lately, I’ve been catching up on my reading. I’ve ordered a few hundred dollars worth of books from Amazon this year already. Some, I’m giving as gifts, but some are to diversify our family’s library. I bought this book, “My Sister Abby,” by Allison Barberi because of the picture on the front (I’m just being honest here!). The two little girls on the cover reminded me of my youngest two girls, Baby Girl and Middle Girl. Like the sisters in the book they share a room, giggle, laugh, and play together and enjoy dancing. It was a perfect add to our library!

This sweet easily read story is written from the point of view of the sister, Emma. Emma talks about when she was three years old her parents adopted her sister, Abby from Africa. She describes the changes that Abby went through coming into a new family and about how she and her sister became best friends. The type of adoption discussed in this book is international multicultural adoption, but the adoption story has similar traits that many can relate to in all adoptions. The book discusses it taking time for a new family member to become comfortable after adoption. I also love how it shows that some of our best friends in life will be our family! I am very excited to read this book to my youngest two before bed tonight! They too are best friends and if God and the courts see fit, maybe one day they too will be sisters forever!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or employed by anyone or any company responsible for publishing this book. I am simply a boring stay-at-home mama sharing my personal opinion of a book that I’ve recently added to our family’s library.


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