Her hair


Her hair is so beautiful, my sweet Baby Girl’s. I love to wash it, condition it, moisturize it, and style it. She came to me at 6 months old with a very bald spot on the back of her head and it has filled in so nicely these last 15 months. When we have somewhere to go, I love to put pretty bows and clips in her hair and doll her all up like a princess! She is that, our little princess! I received the nicest compliment at the store the other day. The cashier said, “you’ve done such a nice job with her hair, I straightened mine years ago and only wish I had my curls back again. Her curls are so beautiful!” I could hardly keep from jumping over the counter to hug that cashier! I work so hard to live up to the standards that I know are out there. I’m new at this and I just want to do a good job! That comment meant more to me than that cashier will ever know! “Thank you,” I told her, “I love her curls too!”


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