Unanswered prayers

Two years ago around this time of year our family was on a very different journey. We were attempting to navigate the muddy waters of international adoption. We had scaled back financially, spending NO money putting it all towards our hopeful adoption. We worked constantly, filled out endless amounts of documents, cried anxiously, and prayed daily. I was so nervous it just wasn’t going to happen because around every curve seemed to be another door slamming shut in our faces. In April/May 2013 we realized that our dream of adopting from the African nation we had signed on for just wasn’t going to happen. The country was near closing to international adoption and I cried for days, thinking our adoption dream was over! It wasn’t until my husband said calmly to me one night, “well, what about foster care?” We had talked about it multiple times over the years, but we had always come to the conclusion that it might not be right for us. Turns out, it was! And you know what? At the exact time that I was begging God not to let the African country close to international adoption, my foster daughter was being born. Little did I know that as I pleaded with God to allow me to be mommy to a child from another country that He was preparing me to be mommy to a child being born right here in my own. So, as I look back at my life these past two years, I am PRAISING God for that unanswered prayer! Because if he had answered that one the way that I wanted, I would never have met Little Man and Baby Girl and I would never have gotten to experience the great joy of being their mommy!

Today, I’m thanking God for unanswered prayers!!!


Hoping not to hear bad news

Have you ever NOT wanted to hear bad news so much that you just tried not to talk to certain people or didn’t read your email or text messages, so that you couldn’t read the bad news? Well, that’s where I am at today. I feel super immature and pretty stupid about it, but oh well, I’m being honest here.

There has been quite a bit of drama surrounding our foster babies lately and it seems like every time I talk to their social worker it is just to learn more bad news. Mom’s out of jail. She’s pregnant again. Dad lied again. The legal department won’t answer phone calls. Grandma is throwing a fit. An intern broke confidentiality and told bio relatives information she shouldn’t have. Just one thing after another, so I’ve decided I just don’t want to know! I’m raising these babies right now no matter what craziness is going on. I wish I didn’t have to ever answer my phone again. I pray the next time I do, it will finally be some good news!

Today a family was born!

I could not hold them in, the tears just fell as I watched one of my best friends and her husband stand before the judge and 40 of their friends with their new daughters. They pledged to love their daughters and provide for them, in the judges words, “as if they were their natural parents.” The youngest, holding onto her mama and looking up every couple of seconds as if she couldn’t believe it herself. It was beautiful! At the end, the judge ended with, “it is finished!” Both girls started jumping up and down with excitement!

Eight months ago these two precious girls were orphans. They had no parents and they hadn’t had parents for years! They had been living in a very nice children’s home for the last four years. They were loved and well cared for by their “house parents,” but desperately wanted to be adopted. Their social worker told my friend that when large churches would come to visit and throw celebrations at the children’s home that the girls would ask strangers if they wanted to adopt them. I cannot even begin to tell you how HAPPY I am for this family!!! It was the most beautiful picture of God’s redemptive unconditional love taking place today!

Today, I witnessed a family being born!

It is finally February!

January was tough. We had a visit with bio Dad which was pretty difficult and emotional. We had two social worker home visits, multiple therapy appointments, doctor’s appointments, a run-in with an angry bio relative that caused some drama and much more. It was just a rough month! I’m going to do my best to put January behind us and look forward to February and all of the possibilities that this month holds!

On a happy note! I get the honor of attending my friend’s adoption of her two sweet daughters tomorrow. She and her husband have had the girls in their home since last June. Before that the girls had been living in a children’s home for FOUR years waiting to be adopted! I cannot wait to get to see this family become “official” tomorrow! God is so good!!!