He will be gone in less than two weeks.

I am so numb. He is leaving. The little boy who came barreling into my life 16 months ago will be gone in less than two weeks. Our caseworker cried when she told me today. She cried when she left our house as well. I just stood there numb. It feels so final even though a court hearing will still take place. But, judges usually go with DHR’s recommendations and that is what they will recommend. Little Man will go to live with someone he has seen a total of 5 times in 16 months. It seems so weird.

I have been praying over Little Man every night for quite a while now. I pray for peace and protection for him for his whole life. In the next two weeks I will pray even harder! I know that my God loves Little Man more than I ever could! I will miss him though! He is my son! I have raised him. I have kissed every boo boo, read every book, pushed him on every swing, bought all of his clothes, tied his shoes, washed his hands, and changed his diapers. I will miss him!


13 thoughts on “He will be gone in less than two weeks.

  1. I feel like crying myself because … I’ve been there. I know. There is nothing like it. I am so very sorry! I can’t believe this has happened … He IS your son and he always will be. He will ALWAYS be in your heart. I will pray for your family and for the healing of your hearts. Because only God can heal this pain.

  2. I can’t imagine having to say goodbye after 16 months, my heart was completely broken after 4 weeks. But I know that you will find joy again, in the midst of the pain the memories of him will make you smile. Find rest in the fact that no matter how much you love him, God loves him more and will be with him wherever he goes. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

  3. So heart wrenching! He WILL be fine, and he WILL have Gods favor over him. He started with a good mama, and you planted so many seeds in him that has changed the course of his life already. How honoring we have a tiny piece in these sweet babies lives. God can take those 16 months of love and bless it into 16 more years of life. So sorry for your time of grief that will follow. 😦 I know when my girls go home I will be a mess.

  4. Tears reading this. I just cannot imagine how hard this would be. But the more I tried to imagine our little man being taken away, the more I cried for you and for him. I am praying that if there is any other way that he could stay with you that God will make it happen. If not- if he has to go- I pray your spirit hears loud and clear “Well done faithful servant.” You gave him your all and allowed your heart to love with such a God-given, vunerable love. You and little man will forever know love in such great depths because of this precious time when you had to put your roots down deep, straight into the love of God. May you feel God’s arms wrapping around you and your family during this time. Prayers for all of you.

  5. Oh, no…no no! 😦 How can they possibly think that is best? ! I am so sorry! My heart sank reading this! I pray these folks see that you are best for him and stop this madness! Is there an appeal you can do?!

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