I want to memorize the way he sounds, the cute little giggle that only he does.

I want to memorize the way he smells, a perfect mixture of coconut oil and baby lotion.

I want to memorize his crazy laugh and the way that he squeals, “Mommeeee!”

I want to always remember the way that he asks for one more kiss at nighttime and says, “stay a me!”

I want to never forget my son of my heart, the one I held in my arms for the last 16 months.

I never want to forget!


6 thoughts on “Him

  1. You are so much stronger than I could ever be! I would be mush! I would be kicking, crying and screaming. .. “no fair! ” God Bless you for taking that baby and loving him with all you have knowing this could happen! My God, woman… you truely are a saint!

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