Anything he wants 

Today is all about Little Man!  We ate what he wanted to eat.  We played what he wanted to play.  Instead of a nap, we did quiet time and I let him watch all of his favorite shows.  After we picked the big kids up from school we went to his favorite drive-thru and got his favorite milkshakes!!!  

I remember when he had been with us less than a month and we stopped to get milkshakes.  I’m not sure he had ever had one.  He simply loved it, but when he was only half done he threw it all onto the floor, milkshake everywhere!  Wow, that seems like a long time ago.  Today, he sipped through his straw and when he was down to the part he had to scoop out he said, “fork please,” and got down to get a “fork” (actually a spoon, but goodness he’s cute!)

From now until Tuesday, I plan to pretty much do whatever he wants!  This is his time!  These are memories to hold onto for forever!  


4 thoughts on “Anything he wants 

  1. My heart breaks too. We’ve only had one foster child and we got to adopt her. Now, knowing what the love is like, I can’t imagine. Although kris is right, that’s the nature of it. My heart goes out to you.

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