Don’t ask me, “are you gonna get another one?”

My jaw tightened.  I wanted to be nice, but I felt angry. Not everyone thinks like I do.  She didn’t mean it to be an insult.  She is a foster parent herself.  Why did this make me so angry?  All she did was ask, “are you gonna get another one?” 

To me there isn’t, “another one,” because Little Man wasn’t and isn’t a toy or a puppy.  He was my son!  He will forever be my son in my heart!  So, when you ask me that question every fiber of my being wants to shout at you!  I want to tell you how bad I miss him!  I want to tell you what our family went through to help him and how he changed my life!  I want to tell you that my house is too quiet and that as I hold my Baby Girl, I am sometimes filled with fear that her story will end the same way and that I will lose her too!  So, no.  We’re not going to, “get another one.”

But, if what you want to know is if I will let my heart go through this again or if we will open our home again, then yes.  The answer is yes.  


2 thoughts on “Don’t ask me, “are you gonna get another one?”

  1. So hard! I am right there with you. The day Arizona Grandma came to take my foster babies away, she asked me the very same question. I wanted to punch her in the head. But, being a civilized human being, I refrained (physically, but in my head I got a few good hits in). Another one of my favorites is when a coworker said they weren’t my “real” kids. I was livid. You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

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