It’s been 41 days since a social worker has been in our home.

It feels wrong.  I am so used to having a visit from a social worker at least once every two weeks.  We have two workers.  One from our agency and one from the county.  They both visit us once a month.  So, it is usually about every two weeks that we see one of them in our home.  But, since Little Man left over a month ago, we haven’t seen either of them.  Now, we have a visit scheduled for tomorrow with our worker from our agency, so the whole “social worker fast” will be over, but I was just sitting here today thinking how nice its been.  It is not that we don’t like our social workers.  Actually, the very opposite is true.  We like both of them very much, but its nice to just live life and forget about foster care for a while.

We’ve visited the beach, played in our pool, taken walks, watched movies, and just enjoyed being a family.  Only one more month and our Daddy will be home from his deployment to Afghanistan too and we’ll all get to celebrate together!


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