All over again

The brand new worker from the county will be here Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.  This will be Baby Girl’s third case worker in 17 months.  

We will pretty much be starting all over again.  Through no fault of her own, Baby Girl has now had three different adults who see her once a month (if that) deciding her future.  Three adults deciding what is best for her.  It is very scary to say the least.  But, I’m here.  I’ve been here since day one and I will be here to the end.  Until she is legally adopted or reunified with birth family, I will be here!  I am not going anywhere!  I will fight for her, I will advocate for her, I will tell her story to whoever will listen.  This baby deserves the best!  She deserves family!  She deserves love!  She deserves to be OUT of foster care!


3 thoughts on “All over again

  1. Yes she does!!! It’s so hard to trust the lives of these beautiful children to people who barely know them or their story. Thankfully, we know God is ultimately in control. I am really praying that Baby Girl will be able to find her forever home with you all. (I know that’s not politically correct to say in the foster care world, but that’s what I am praying for you all!!!)

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