She’s going to be great!

We lucked out!  We really did!  Our new case worker seems amazing!  She came to the house today for her monthly visit.  She was on-time if not a little bit early.  She asked to see the house (thank goodness the kids did well cleaning their rooms last weekend) and the backyard and then we sat down in the living room to talk.  

She took meticulous notes, two pages full and didn’t rush to leave.  She wanted to hear the whole story from my point of view.  She had read the case file and she’d been filled in by her supervisor, but she cared about what I had to say.  After all, I am the ONLY person who has stayed the same since day one of this case.

She said the sweetest words to Baby Girl and I can tell that she truly likes children.  I should hope so!  She’s making decisions about the rest of their lives.  Anyway, all in all today’s visit went great!  I’m very happy.  


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