“Foster Child”

I don’t know any.  In my book, they don’t exist!  Because, to me there are no “foster children.”  I can’t stand that label!  They are children!  

When you meet me or see me at the store, you may see me holding my daughter.  She looks nothing like me.  She is beautiful and she is mine.  I claim her.  I have NOT EVER introduced her as my “foster child.”  She is Baby Girl and she is the daughter God has given to me to raise right now.  She happens to be living in our home because she is a child living in foster care.  Unfortunate events that were completely OUT OF HER CONTROL brought her here.  She was let down at a very young age by the very people who were supposed to protect her and keep her safe, healthy, and fed.  She came to me a perfect little bundle and has grown into a wonderful bright and happy toddler!  She is my daughter and she currently lives in foster care, but I claim her and I always will! 


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