Where’s your little boy?

We live in a “smallish” town.  We go to church, school, dance lessons, and the ball field all within about a five mile radius.  Most of the places I shop know me and my kiddos.  So, when we go somewhere these days, I hear, “where is your little boy?”  A little piece of me dies every time.  I explain in the most politically correct way that I can and I keep moving.  It hurts.  It rips off the bandaid.  But, I’ve just got to keep moving.  


One thought on “Where’s your little boy?

  1. So very hard! I’m so sorry. In time, you will start to heal, but I can tell you from experience that it will never fully go away. And in a way, we don’t want it to. Because these kids are a very real part of our lives and hearts and to hurt tells us that it was real. And that it meant something.

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