We still miss him.

We’re coming up on three months since Little Man left.  It seems like a million years ago and yet also like just yesterday. We talk about him every day.  We pray for him every day.  Things remind us of him every day.  At Baby Girl’s second birthday party last week there was a huge balloon bouquet and I was handing children balloons as they left as part of their party favors.  Baby Girl looked up at me, pointed to a balloon and said, “Man’s boon mama, Man’s boon.”  She remembered him and using her cute little nickname for him was reminding me to save him a balloon.  My heart swelled up… I choked back some air, I pulled myself back together and looked around to see if anyone else had heard it too.  Knowing eyes and sweet smiles, friends looked at me and at each other and said, “How sweet,” and “How sad.”  Because its both… its so sweet and yet so sad.  Will she ever see her brother again?  Will he ever get to be part of our lives again?  Will we ever get to know that he is okay?  We all still miss him!


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