To the beach for the day

Taking Baby Girl to the beach is so much fun!  When she sees the ocean she squeals, “pool!”  She runs, she plays, she digs in the sand and today she floated with me on a blow up inner tube for a good hour.  I thought she might fall asleep out there with the gentle push of the beautiful salty waves, but she didn’t.  The big kids boarded in the waves and dug a huge hole in the sand.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch and decided icecream was needed before heading home.  We had a great day! 

 I love these sandy feet! 


2 thoughts on “To the beach for the day

  1. That’s so cute that she says pool! Awww I love littles. My best friends’ 1 and a half year old says “pie” instead of “play”. She takes my hand and leads me into her playroom saying Pie! Pie! Pie! It makes me melt!

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