He’ll be here in 4 hours!

I can barely stand it!  I’m so excited!  My hubby and the father of my precious children will be home in four hours!  He’s surprising the kids!  I’ve got to play it cool!  I don’t want to give the surprise away!  All day he’s been calling me as he’s been on the road.  He’s coming home for Oldest Girl’s soccer tournament this weekend!  He’ll get to see her play in at least three games.  That is three more games than he’s seen her play in over a year!  Being the daughter of an Army Dad is like that.  I teach my children that what Daddy does is incredibly important.  What he’s doing would have to be to keep him away.  He takes amazing care of us and because of his job, I get to stay home and be at all of the events, games, recitals, etc.  I know it doesn’t help when they miss him, but at least they understand and know that he would be here if he could be!  So, soccer games and a social worker visit on Monday and he gets to be here for all of it!  I am super pumped!  


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