Wating on a court date

That is it.  That is where we are, we are waiting on a court date for the judge to decide if terminating parental rights is the right next step in our Baby Girl’s case.  To say I am happy about this would be an understatement.  I am SO ready for Baby Girl to be our’s forever!  Do I feel sorry for her birth parents?  Not really.  I do not mean to sound harsh, but when it comes to children and their protection and their right to have a stable, healthy, loving home, I am FOR the child.  I DO feel a tremendous sense of sorrow for Baby Girl’s birth mother and father; however.  This is not the way it is “supposed” to be.  Family means forever and this birth family has been broken and divided up.  That should NEVER have happened!  I wish foster care and adoption were never needed in this case.  I wish drugs weren’t so powerful and didn’t have such a grip on some people’s lives.  I wish mental illnesses were better recognized and managed before they became out of control.  I wish all parents could put their children’s needs above their own.  I wish for peace for Baby Girl’s birth mother.  I see no future for her with anything other than pain and destruction in it and that breaks my heart.  But, I do feel confident in this, she has been offered and given every single chance possible.  She has been treated fairly. People have reached out to her and tried to help her.  She has been allowed to fall several times over the past 19 months and nobody at DHR has held that against her.  They have given her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances.  She has been provided a lawyer who fought for her rights even when she didn’t bother to show up for court.  She has been given money, services, and medical treatments.  She has been given time, lots and lots of time.  

And Baby Girl has been with us, growing, learning, and being nurtured this entire time.  We have loved her and her brother.  Little Man and Baby Girl have been the center of our lives.  We have prayed and begged God daily for restoration and peace and for a hope filled future for them.  I have never prayed so hard!  God is good!  He is watching out for our sweet princess and He has a plan for her life.  So, now we just wait, wait for a court date. 


2 thoughts on “Wating on a court date

  1. You are exactly right. The bio parents are given every chance and then some. The sad thing is, without God, true change is not going to happen. All we can do is pray for God to change them and save them from the destructive pattern they’re on. But Baby Girl deserves to be in your home forever, with the people who love her and take care of her. Praying for a quick resolution. Just be wary, this may take a while. Sometimes parents are allowed to appeal the termination ruling, which only adds more time. Put your patience hat on!


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