Things that will always be his

I’ve been thinking a lot about Little Man and all of the things that were and still are “his.”  I want to share them with you.  I will never be able to look at, watch, enjoy, listen to, or eat any of these things again without thinking of our precious Little Man.  I love the memories.  They make me smile!

1. Wall-E

2. The Hulk

3. Chocolate milk

 4. Spider-Man 

5. Mickey Mouse

6. Play dough 

7. Ears

8.  The rear backseat in my truck (I still look in my rear view mirror expecting to see him sitting there.)

9.  Elevators

10.  His Sunday School classroom at church

11.  His bed

12.  Saying “nigh night!”

We love you our sweet boy!  You are missed so very very much!


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