3 extra kids for the day

I have my friend’s three sweet girls with me today.  We became friends through our Foster Parent support group and she is kind of my hero.  She’s an awesome mom and foster mama!  Two of her girls were adopted from foster care.  All of her girls are wonderful and we just love having them around!  We ate pancakes this morning for breakfast with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  We swam in the pool for hours, jumped on the trampoline, and I made homemade slushies.  At lunch we ran out of bread and went through two packages of lunch meat.  It was great!  I love having a house full!  Seven kids at the house today and feeling blessed!  We are still waiting on our precious boy that we know God will send us when he needs us most.  We just don’t know when.  For now, I will enjoy today with extra giggles and fun!  Three extra kids for the day is awesome!  


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