Digging in the dirt makes me happy! 

Getting to be a foster mama is one of the biggest blessings of my lifetime.  I love my Baby Girl!  She has brought so much joy into our lives and I wouldn’t trade getting to be her mama for anything!  “Foster Care” in and of itself; however, is stressful.  Baby Girl’s case is coming to an end, but still strange things can happen at a moments notice and change the course of everything.  I’ve been a bit stressed lately.  I decided to do something with my stress, something productive.  Some people clean when they’re stressed, some people work out or over eat.  I garden and pull weeds.  Here are a few of my little beauties to show off.  I know they’re nothing to brag about just yet, but it’s fun and it makes me happy!

  My first raspberry bush!

Pumpkins popping through!

Jalepanos growing!

 My first beautiful sunflower to bloom!


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