It is in writing!

We got a document from DHR in the mail last week.  It had the words, “adoption by current foster parents” printed in the space where the current case plan was written.  This is becoming real!  We may actually, in fact get to adopt our precious one!

DHR has been trying to contact her biological mother for three months now and cannot find her.  They have sent letters to every known address and have called every known number.  They even called me asking when I had heard from her last and I told them it was in January.  I did; however, have the number documented that she had called us from. I gave it to them.  They called it.  It was the phone of an ex-boyfriend who said she took off two months ago and that he hasn’t heard from her since.  It is really looking like she does not want to be found.  Nineteen and a half months in our home.  Nineteen and a half months in foster care for our Baby Girl.  It is too long.  She has a family just waiting to be her’s forever!  But, I understand why they do all of this and why they take so much time.  It is so when we do go to court that the judge has enough evidence to make a decision.  He needs to know that DHR has done everything in their power to reunite Baby Girl with her biological family.  We are the second choice, the fall back choice, the last resort.  I am okay with that.  That, we will be!


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