Some of my favorite pics from the garden

My favorite thing to do for dealing with stress these days is to dig in the dirt.  I pull weeds, yanking them out of the ground and tossing them into the trash pile.  I plant seeds, water them, check on them several times a day waiting for them to grow.  I love capturing some of it all on film too.  So, here are three of my favorite pics from my garden so far this summer.


Look at the bee!  He’s been working very hard in my garden this summer!


This lovely sunflower is just beginning to bloom!


This is my absolute favorite one!  God is so amazing!  He put such care and attention into all of His creation!  Look at the detail He put into designing this beautiful butterfly!

I really hope the pumpkins, carrots, lettuce, and kale all work out too!  If so, I’ll be sure to take pics of the harvest!


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