It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday!  I woke up this morning to Baby Girl running into my room, grabbing my face with her tiny little hands and pushing my lips together while she said in her cutest little voice, “Kiss me mama!”  What a way to start my day!

When asked by my husband back about five months ago what I would like for my birthday this year, my answer was immediate.  “I want to adopt Baby Girl.”  Little Man had just left and although they are siblings (half siblings, but we don’t use “half” in our lil world) their cases are extremely different.  Beginning in 2015, after almost 14 months in care, Little Man’s case moved towards reunification while Baby Girl’s case stood still for months.  After Little Man’s reunification with his birth family at 16 months with us, the question as to what would be the next move in Baby Girl’s case was raised.  We had been asked many times before, but we were finally “officially” asked if we would like to adopt her.  I remember, I screamed, “yes,” as soon as the social worker had finished her sentence.  My husband held my hand. I bawled my eyes out!  I picked up Baby Girl and cried into her hair.  My baby, my precious little princess could soon be our’s forever!  That was five months ago.  Today is my birthday.  No adoption date or TPR (termination of parental rights) date in sight.  No communication between the people who are supposed to be moving this along.  But, you know what!  That’s okay!  Because, there is this other holiday coming up and my husband will soon be asking me, “Hey babe, what would you like for Christmas this year?” and I will say, “to adopt Baby Girl!”


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