Meeting “waiting children”

I never really knew how I would feel if I met a child who is “waiting.”  (Waiting for a family that is)  I didn’t know of any until last Saturday.  I mean, my husband and I have inquired about several sibling sets on the state “Heart Galleries,” where they post pictures and short biographies about children who are “waiting.”  But, personally knowing, meeting, and interacting with children who are waiting… I just hadn’t had the chance.  

This Saturday our family went along with our church to visit and throw a back-to-school party at a Children’s Home in a neighboring city.  We took tons of school supplies, games, balloons, food, and candy!  We planned to spend the day playing with the kids.  It was last Saturday that we met them.  I’m going to call them, “The Boys” for now.  Oh my gosh!  Precious!  That is all I can say!  Just precious!  I expected them to be hesitant to hang out with us, maybe act guarded or “hard.”  But, they didn’t!  The exact opposite!  We had the best time!  So, oops… Now I’ve done it.  I have two faces, two names, and two little lives that I can’t stop thinking about.  What is going to happen to them?  They are in a great (I mean, really fabulous) children’s home, but children do not belong in group homes!  They belong in families!  Who is going to raise these boys?  Who is going to drop everything when they need something?  Who is going to love them forever?  Only God knows, but the truth is my heart is a bit wrecked after Saturday.  Now, I know them!


3 thoughts on “Meeting “waiting children”

  1. I am so hopeful and excited for you and for those little boys! Those little boys, you are right, deserve to be in a family not a group home. I hope they find their family soon, no child should be without a family.
    And thank you for making me think about waiting children, as we are adopting an infant, I hadn’t thought that way before. And honestly, I know how hard it is being a waiting parent, so to be waiting as a child seems nothing short of cruel.

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