Pizza Party

I contacted the group home where The Boys live today.  We’re going back for another visit on Friday!  We can’t wait!  We’re so excited to visit all the kids, but especially The Boys again.  

The first time we went I asked both of them what their favorite foods to eat were.  The oldest said, “food!”  The youngest said, “pizza,” and then his brother added, “oh, yes!  Pizza!”  I said, “do you like homemade or delivery?”  The oldest boy said, “they really like to make homemade here, but I like delivery!”  So, we’re taking take-out pizzas with us on Friday and a few gallons of icecream to do icecream sundaes!

I had asked the younger brother what he liked to do best when we visited last time and he very excitedly replied, “video games!”  So, my son is bringing all of his X-box games and hopefully they’ll be able to find a game that they both enjoy and can play together.  

The kids are so excited and the houseparents at the group home seemed happy to have us back when I asked if we could come and visit again.  It should be fun!  


2 thoughts on “Pizza Party

  1. It is so fascinating to me that you have an “opening” and it hasn’t been filled. We have 10-20 new kids places in the system every single day in Phoenix! Either way God has you in a very specific place for a very specific purpose! Hope to hear more about these sweet boys you are warming up to.

    • Girl! I know it! It makes me M.A.D. I have called these boys’ social worker three times this week to leave messages! She has not returned my calls. I hope to find a way to get ahold of her soon! Children belong in families!

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