I looked horrible

A year ago I looked horrible.  My hair was always in a pony.  I never had time for make up!  I only got a shower when everyone in the house was asleep, but was usually so tired, I’d put it off for sleep!  I had bags under my eyes.  My skin was pale.  I was SO happy!  

Never in all my life had I ever felt more in God’s will.  Never before did I feel like I was doing exactly what God had called me to do.  

Foster care, it’s in my heart now.  


2 thoughts on “I looked horrible

  1. I cannot tell you how much I know EXACTLY what you mean! The past year and a half have been so hard for me because I feel like I’m wasting precious time. I know there are kids out there who need me, but the timing just isn’t right. But it’s nestled in my heart, waiting for the right time when I can open my heart back up to those kids in need again. Until then …


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