I’ve started reading this new book.  It’s called, “Choosing Joy,” and it is written as a devotional book by one of my favorite Christian authors, Angela Thomas.  I love doing devotions.  I really like having a guide to help me with my Bible reading and it helps me stay focused.  A fellow foster mama gave me this book.  She bought it for me the other day after I asked for prayer during this “waiting period.” 

We have had no movement in Baby Girl’s case for months, although there is seemingly nothing holding things up.  We are just waiting.  Not really sure what for, but nevertheless we are waiting.  Then there is the waiting to see if we will be adding another little life to our family through adoption or foster care.  Then there is the waiting while my husband and I do this whole long distance life thing.  My life is just filled with a whole lot of waiting lately.  Have you ever put the two words waiting and joy in the same sentence?  I’m pretty sure I’ve never said something like, “Gosh, I find joy in the waiting.”  Nope!  Never said it.  But, I want to.  I want to find joy in everything!  I want to be joyful.  Not the silly dancing around the kitchen kind of joy, but real joy.  The kind of joy that surpasses circumstances.  The kind of joy that lasts.  A God given joy.  


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