Sad Eyes 

Sad Eyes.  That will be his blog name.  He is my new 6 year old foster son, the youngest of the two boys.  He is precious and adorable.  He also has a speech delay and the biggest saddest eyes that I have ever seen.  I hope and I pray we can help him, so that I get to see those eyes sparkle someday.  He has witnessed and been through so much in his short little life.  It’s time we fill it with some happy!  Time for some joy!

I held him while he cried and cried and sobbed and sobbed tonight.  It was the mournful sounds of grief.  A sound I have made before, but I have never heard a child make it.  It was the sound of broken.  It broke me too.


10 thoughts on “Sad Eyes 

  1. At least he has someone like you to help him through it. I know you will bring happiness to his life. It just takes time…and from what I can tell, you are a patient family…Hang in there. You are being Heard!

      • I’m better, actually. It’s one of the good days. I recently talked to M on skype and told her I was angry and going through certain emotions. She was really receptive and reassured me she still loves me. Just one day at a time, as I’m sure you know.

  2. God bless you. I hope these boys find a way to allow your love to comfort them quickly. I can only imagine how hard it would be to trust again after having such a tumultuous young life. Lots of prayers to you and your family!

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